Let's take a walk through Santa Elena

Santa Elena

It is a small town, where you can walk quietly, see the monuments, museums and enjoy the gastronomy, all at an affordable price, creating an experience based on the tradition and authenticity of the destination.

Park despeñaperros

It is a fascinating gorge, a natural park full of ecological values ​​and a historical setting where one of the most important battles in the history of Spain was unleashed.

Its forests keep forest trails and paths that excite, for lovers of sports such as MTB or hiking they are ideal. Dazzling panoramic views at any time of the year from points such as the mirador de los órganos, and places that will leave you speechless like the Cascada de la Cimbarra. 

The meaning of the name seems clear although its origin is not known. There are several legends about it. The best known of them says that in the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa the Christian troops, undefeated, rushed the Almohad troops, whom they called dogs, through the gorges of the place. 

Museum Batalla navas de tolosa

Recreations of the camps, clothing and weapons of both sides, Christians and Muslims. It approaches, in the same way, the context of the battle, with a series of banners about the history that happened in that period. Tactile tables inform about the development of the battle and the definitive Christian victory, which allowed these armies to advance towards the south (present-day Andalusia) and recover new lands.


Church Santa Elena

Raised to commemorate the Christian victory in Batalla Navas de Tolosa

The most outstanding event is from the Middle Ages, in which the Caliph Al-Nasir with his immense Almohad army established his camp in Santa Elena. The great battle took place on July 17, 1212, with the victory of Alfonso VIII's army over the Almohads.

The victory of the Christian troops is known as the "Triumph of the Holy Cross", and there is no better name to baptize this church than Saint Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine, who was closely linked to the Christian symbol.

Waterfall Cimbarra

After crossing the road, we arrive at Aldeaquemada, where we have the opportunity to park to do the route by bicycle, on foot or continue by car to the rest area to directly access the viewpoint.

You have the possibility to see the waterfall from the front, in a viewpoint suitable for it, or take another route and go down a path from which you will go down skirting the waterfall and have other perspectives. Ideal for photographs.

Santa Elena

Its name comes from the Roman empress Helena of Constantinople or Saint Helena. The first town that we find when entering the province of Jaén by the Andalusia Highway.


It is located north of the province of Jaén, in the heart of Despeñaperros. It is located at the point of passage between Andalusia and the Central Plateau, for which it receives the nickname of Puerta de Andalucia.

Feria de Santa Elena

Celebrate Santa Elena their parties patron saints on August 18, festivity of the saint which gave the town its name.

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